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    Türkiye's Spectacular Cuisine in the Spotlight with its Original Qualities

    The unique Turkish cuisine, a defining element of our cultural identity, is introduced at the newly launched Turkish Cuisine Week.  Held for the first time this year from 21 to 27 May, Turkish Cuisine Week aims to showcase Turkish dishes with all their original qualities as the crown of our tables. The event will be celebrated with promotional events in Türkiye and abroad.

    Turkish cuisine, nurtured and shaped by the deep-rooted Anatolian history, stands out with its healthy characteristics, creative aspect, and sustainable structures. The flavours of Turkish dishes, influenced by thousands of years of history and the Seljuk and Ottoman palaces, carry a vast cultural accumulation to the present day. Dishes and meals that utilize every element of a product, without waste, reveal an ecologically sustainable tradition of taste. Offering countless options for vegetarian and vegan diets along with restorative pickles and vinegars, Turkish cuisine is also a world cuisine with the potential to respond to all dining trends.

    Turkish cuisine presents to the world its legendary flavours, each of which reflects centuries-old knowledge and cultural heritage. During Turkish Cuisine Week, meals prepared with creative presentations by Türkiye’s world-famous cooks will be offered to visitors in their own geography, with hospitality held in different countries. At the same time, menus created specifically for Turkish Cuisine Week in Türkiye invite both Turkish and foreign guests to experience the best examples of Turkish cuisine in restaurants.