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  • Rose Syrup

    Desserts, sherbets, and syrups flavored with roses were very popular in the Ottoman period. According to Ottoman medicine, the scent of rose had a calming and soothing effect, and its essence has digestive properties. Therefore, beverages made with rose syrup were among the rarest and most popular beverages served in the Ottoman Empire.

    VeganDairy-FreeLocal Product
    Serves 6
    • 400 g rose petals
    • 2 l water
    • 2 lemons, juice of
    • 2 kg sugar
    1. Cut off the white parts of the rose petals with a pair of scissors, then gently rinse and transfer to a jar.
    2. Add 400 ml water and lemon juice to the jar.
    3. Tie the jar’s rim with a gauze cloth and then tightly cover with a lid. Place the jar in the shade and leave to stand for about one week. During this process, the roses’ color and scent will be released to create the extract.
    4. Remove the shriveled rose petals from the jar. Add 300 g sugar and stir and leave to stand for another week.
    5. At the end of the second week, add the remaining sugar and water. Thoroughly stir, strain and transfer to bottles.
    6. If you want to serve as a sherbet, add 1/4 glass of syrup to a glass, then add water and ice cubes.
    7. Rose syrup can be stored in the refrigerator for a long period.